The LangSec Journey by Prashant Anantharaman and Dr. Sergey Bratus

LangSec is the approach to internet security where all input is treated as a language, and is recognized completely before being processed. This is a LangSec tutorial series in which we begin with the installation and basics of parser combinators and go on to build an effective IoT client in ruby applying the LangSec philosophy throughout. The prerequisites for this tutorial are -- a basic knowledge of ruby and a basic knowledge of the Chomsky hierarchy.
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Chapter 0 - Introduction to LangSec and Installing Hammer with Ruby bindings

An introduction to LangSec, parser combinators and a step by step installation guide to the hammer library and the `hammer-parser` ruby gem. Read →

Chapter 1 - Building the basic parser combinators

We further dive into parser combinators, and go on build some basic parser combinators. Read →

 Read →